Solving Quadratics Graphically – Advanced | corbettmaths

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Narrowing the Gap | bigkid4

Throughout my teaching career narrowing gaps has featured prominently in the education discourse both within and beyond the schools I have worked in. Sometimes I am mystified as to why.

It stands to reason that if you divide a student population in any way it is highly probable that one group will have better results than the other. A few years ago I did a detailed analysis of the data of the school I was working at. The school decided to narrow the gap between boys and girls performance despite there being several more significant “gaps”. At that time there had been a more significant gap…

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335. The power of colour | admin

As Mathematicians we appreciate the importance of getting the basics right and building a firm foundation. With this in mind I’ve been an absolute harridan with my Y8 students regarding presentation and technique for solving equations. If they can nail good algebraic presentation now, their future studies will be be much easier.

When we started there were students doing everything in their head, not always correctly. Some insisted on working backwards, which is great for basic cases but not for unknowns on both sides. Most frustratingly some students were breaking up the logic by putting…

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Writing curriculum is more than writing lessons | nik_d_maths

The last post I wrote I promised I would talk about what I’ve done for the last 18 months working for Illustrative Mathematics. I thought I would do that all wrapped up with a few (not all) of the things I have learned working with such an amazing group of people.

In July/August we launched the Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 Curriculum [you’ll need to register to view teacher materials, go ahead and do that. It’s free. I’ll wait]. It was a product of a phenomenal quantity of people hours of work (just check out the contributor list!) and we’re very proud of it. Many of my fellow writers have…

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Something else | JustMathsMel

You can tell I’m lost for inspiration for a blog post title when the best I can come up with is “something else” … but then again I never rarely plan what I am going to write when blogging. I genuinely do just sit here and type whatever comes to mind. Of course, I have a rough idea and often a post has been bouncing around my head for days or weeks (there are some crackers in there at the minute fighting to get out … one of which is about the idea that EVERYBODY should do A level maths! and the other is about the Ofqual report that came out yesterday and what flipping PHD students think was…

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