Do educationalists hate teachers having a voice? | teachingbattleground

I’ve written before about educationalists showing a fairly hostile attitude to teacher bloggers, but I’m starting to notice educationalists dismissing what teachers have to say, or even trying to silence it, on Twitter too.

I wrote here about the intimidating behaviour a new tweeter/blogger faced from an established education writer and a PGCE tutor. After writing about that I found myself on the receiving end of threats of legal action. Yes, that’s right, somebody tried to silence a teacher for daring to suggest that they tried to silence teachers.

More recently I saw this exchange…

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Why grades alone won’t get you into Oxford | Junaid Mubeen

What the debate around Oxford admissions misses out
When Oxford admissions hits the headlines, you can be sure of two things: first, the university has been accused of failing minorities (‘social apartheid’ is the latest charge) and second, the ensuing debate will ignore the most obvious pitfall of the selection process — the form and content of A-Levels.
Having experienced both sides of the admissions process for mathematics, I can tell you that A-Level grades serve as nothing more than a box-ticker; a crude filter for weeding out the weakest candidates. Good A-Level grades are necessary to…

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Thinking time … | JustMathsMel

The first half term is done. It’s flown by.
I must say that moving school the second time is much easier but I’d probably have to temper that statement with the fact that I literally ruck up, teach my lessons and leave. No briefings, no after schools, no pre-school meetings .. nada! (I’m probably missing a load of stuff but hey ho .. if its urgent it’ll catch up with me sooner or later). It’s been ace and at the start of the term meant that I could focus on other stuff (our QLA “thang” is coming along nicely!) which is what the point of going part time was about. However, for the last few…

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I See Reasoning – LKS2 | garethmetcalfe

I am delighted to announce that I See Reasoning – LKS2 will be on sale on Sunday 29th October! It will arm teachers with a range of visual and thought-provoking tasks for interweaving reasoning within day-to-day maths lessons.

I See Reasoning – LKS2 will be similar to I See Reasoning – UKS2 in layout and style (£14.99, a PDF digital download), although it incorporates even more visual representations and there are still more questions/tasks – about 240. In this blog I’m going to explain what to expect from the resource by looking at three example questions.

Prompts that show concepts…

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The Wonderful World of Maths Resources | (Joanne Morgan)

Last week I spoke at the #powerofsix conference. This event was hosted by the six London Maths Hubs. Unfortunately my session was cut short so I didn’t get time to finish my presentation. I promised the teachers in my session that I’d share my slides, so here they are:

Slides: The Wonderful World of Maths Resources

Do have a look through my slides and feel free to borrow them if you want

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Why do it? | jkrmcd

“Those who can’t do”

“It would seem you have no useful skill or talent, have you thought about going into teaching?”

Why would you become a teacher? Are you teaching because there is nothing else to do? Are you teaching because it is fairly safe and there will always be jobs? Are you teaching because you get lots of holiday?

I’ve been bombarded with all of the above and I’m happy to say it is none of those things. Learning fascinates me. How do we pick up the things we pick up? How does it become second nature to do something? I adore the process of learning and I absolutely love…

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Open Middle | Colleen Young

I was happily distracted this morning by this lovely problem, Create a System of Two Equations by Daniel Luevanos on Open Middle, accessible for students yet such a great task for mathematical thinking. We could discuss inequalities here as well as simultaneous equations. Noting the link to a Desmos page as a suggested answer I couldn’t … Continue reading Open Middle

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