Alan Finkel, Australia’s chief scientist, is starting to get it | Greg Ashman

I have written before about reports and articles published by the office of Australia’s chief scientist (most recently here). They tend to be of the motivate-kids-with-cool-stuff variety alongside a mouthing of tropes about 21st century skills. No more. Alan Finkel, the incumbent, seems to have seen the light. I don’t know who he’s been talking … Continue reading Alan Finkel, Australia’s chief scientist, is starting to get it →

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Visiting Totteridge Academy | mhorley

As a maths department, what achievement would you feel most proud of?  An outstanding set of GCSE results with a high proportion achieving 9-7? Data showing excellent progress between Year 7 and 11?  Pupils that visibly enjoy maths and actively engage in lessons, showing that they are willing and able to think mathematically?  A team that effectively improves the teaching practice of all of its teachers and manages to continuously improve the teaching in all its classes? Or having the confidence to share these achievements with other maths teachers by inviting them to your school for a day….

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Knowledge Organisers in Maths the journey – Part 2 | mhorley

Part 1 is here.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about “making your own stuff”.  On the one hand I feel that there are thousands of teachers across the world spending time making resources for things that have been taught for decades, so why are we wasting time reinventing the wheel?  But on the other hand there is something to be said for using something in our teaching that we know to be exactly the way we want it, that we know inside out because we wrote it ourselves.  And when that something isn’t just written by the individual teacher but by a team collaborating on a project it becomes…

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Ask Uncle Colin: inverses and all sorts | Colin

Dear Uncle Colin,

I’m stuck on a trigonometry question: find $\cos\br{\frac{1}{2}\arcsin\br{\frac{15}{17}}}$.

Any bright ideas?

– Any Rules Calculating Some Inverse Notation?

Hi, ARCSIN, and thanks for your message!

That’s a nasty one!

Let’s start by thinking of a triangle with an angle of $\arcsin\br{\frac{15}{17}}$ – the opposite side is 15 units, the hypotenuse 17 and the adjacent side (according to Pythagoras), 8 units.

How do we split that angle in half? There are ways of doing it with sums, but I’m in a triangles sort of mood today. We’re going to turn our triangle…

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Kindergarten careers advice | Greg Ashman

Henrietta Cook in The Age is reporting that the Victorian government intends to introduce careers advice from the age of twelve. I am not opposed to such an idea. Often, many students have little idea of what is out there and available for them. However, the ensuing discussion demonstrates just what a muddle we have managed … Continue reading Kindergarten careers advice →

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