Too much of a good thing? | Kelly L

Social media and I have been on a break for one reason or another this past six months. This has included Twitter and blogging which I love dearly but thought it best to rest from since there are only so many hours in the day and with increasing demands from both work and home, something had to give. The respite has been an interesting time for me as it has allowed me to reflect on a world that I had immersed myself in so willingly and has given me the opportunity for perspective.

Having time away from the cut and thrust of the EduTwitter showcase has taught me a few things. Firstly, all…

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Ask Uncle Colin: An Absurd Quadratic | Colin

Dear Uncle Colin,

In a recent exam, I was invited to solve $12x^2 – 59x + 72=0$ without a calculator. Is that a reasonable thing to ask?

Very Irate EdExcel-Taught Examinee

Hi, VIETE, and I don’t blame you for being cross – in a non-calculator exam, I’m not sure that really tests the Supposedly Important Skills you’re meant to have.

That said, it’s not impossible.
Method 1: using the formula

This is a bit brutal, but it can be done: if $a=12$, $b=-59$ and $c=72$, you have $\frac{59 \pm \sqrt{(-59)^2 – 4(12)(72)}}{2(12)}$. None of that is especially nice, but $59^2 = 3481$, which…

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Do teachers matter? | Greg Ashman

There has been uproar on Twitter following David Didau’s recent blog posts that question the effect that families and schools have on children. I suspect that many teachers go into teaching in order to make a difference. So are they misguided? I don’t think so. Genetic fatalism Didau argues that the effect of a person’s … Continue reading Do teachers matter?

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Planning for September: Year 12 | (Joanne Morgan)

I’m looking forward to teaching the new linear A level to two Year 12 classes this year. I’ve been preparing some materials for these classes and thought it might be helpful to share them here, in case they are of use to anyone.

1. Scheme of work and resources
When preparing schemes of work, schools have had to look very carefully at timings to make sure they can fit all of the A level content

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What do we mean by inquiry in mathematics classrooms? | Andrew Blair

What do we mean by inquiry in mathematics classrooms?   The August newsletter from Mathematics by Inquiry (reSolve) includes two classroom tasks the project has developed. The tasks focus on how algebra can develop as generalised arithmetic. They encourage children to reason by exploring and expressing mathematical structure, pattern and relationships. 
   The year 4 task is called Number Maze. The teacher sets pupils the task of moving through a number grid in a specified way so that the sum of the numbers in the cells they pass through is odd. The aim is summarised in this way: “Through the…

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