Why does it matter what teenagers choose to read? | Greg Ashman

Researchers are expressing concerns about the quality of material teenagers choose to read. Many young people would sooner pick-up a quintessential inanity by David Walliams than a book that is complex, challenging and educative. Are you shocked? Are you stunned? Are you gathering your bottom jaw off the floor as your brain struggles to compute […]

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This one weird trick improves the use of assessment data | Greg Ashman

Picture this scenario: It is near the start of the school year and a group of Year 10 maths teachers gives their cohort a quiz to complete. After the data is in, it becomes clear that a large number of students cannot solve linear equations. A discussion ensues. It turns out that nobody has actually […]

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Why are Finnish principals struggling? | Greg Ashman

Finland is the subject of much myth-making. It’s performance in the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) in the early 2000s made Finland the preeminent destination for education tourists. Unlike the East Asian countries that also perform well in PISA, Finland gives the impression of having achieved its success with a more progressive approach. These […]

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I see no behaviour crisis | Greg Ashman

In a recent paper, Linda Graham, an academic at the Queensland University of Technology, speculated on what motivates commentators to declare a behaviour ‘crisis’ in Australian schools. Apparently, talk of a crisis is part of an attempt by ‘neo-traditional’ teachers to gain control of the agenda. This should be resisted because: “Despite claims of a […]

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Labor’s proposed ‘Evidence Institute for Schools’ is good news for Australian education | Greg Ashman

It’s easy to be a cynic. For instance, it’s pretty easy to look at the Australian Labor Party’s new proposal for an education research institute and dismiss it. We could, for instance, question what a new bureaucracy will achieve. We might wonder whether the aspiration to ‘take politics out of the classroom’ and stop schools […]

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