The Hirsch Paradox | Greg Ashman

Educational academics should really love E. D. Hirsch Jr. His writing supplies powerful arguments in favour of a broad and balanced curriculum, against some forms of standardised testing and against the idea of school as preparation for work; subjects that have been of concern to academics for many years and especially since the advent of … Continue reading The Hirsch Paradox

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Entrance requirements for A Level Maths | jemmaths

The new GCSE in mathematics is considerably harder than the old one which has resulted, not at all surprisingly, in very low grade boundaries.  For the Edexcel Higher paper in Summer 2017 a score of 79% across three papers earned the highest possible grade, a Grade 9, and this grade was achieved by around 3.5% of the population across all exam boards.

The changes to A levels in England, with no more modular exams, terminal papers at the end of two years, and difficulty increased just like at GCSE, have resulted in most schools and colleges insisting students take only three subjects.  Where…

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Engelmann Connecting Maths Concept Textbook series: Number Families Part 2 | admin

During my second year at Michaela Community School, the department used Siegfried Engelmann’s Connecting Maths Concept Textbook series as the main teaching tool for Intervention.

This is the second write-up of a sequence of blog posts:
Introducing the number family
Manipulating the number family for complex worded problems
Just when you thought the problems couldn’t get more difficult

In my last post, I outlined how Engelmann teaches pupils within his textbook series of the relationship between addition and subtraction using the number family.

This post will go through how the set-up…

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Computer marking of writing probably won’t work | Greg Ashman

There has been something of a storm in Australia about a proposal to have computers mark the NAPLAN writing assessment. Initially, scripts will all be marked by both a teacher and a computer but, in time, the hope is that teachers will no longer be needed. If it works, it will be an advance. We … Continue reading Computer marking of writing probably won’t work

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329. Quick acrostic starter | admin

Here is a zero preparation revision or recap starter for you and it might tick a literacy/spelling box too. It’s fiendishly simple, but can be devilishly difficult to complete.
Give students a topic word (eg circles) or use your school name.
Tell them they have to complete an acrostic of maths words related to that topic or general revision words.

That’s it! You can make it more difficult by saying partners must have different words or narrowing the focus of the task.

Interestingly none of my students used the textbook index or Maths dictionaries to help them. The finished product could…

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