Resourcing: Applying Variation Theory | admin

Teachers spend hours creating their own resources for their pupils to use after a concept has been taught. Over the years, I have made lots of resources which I change every year, simply because I think this exercise won’t help this set of pupils grasp the concept being taught. I’m now at a point where I can make an exercise of questions which all pupils can use to learn the intended concept. What has changed for me? I have developed a better understanding and can now apply principles of variation theory when creating resources.  This has allowed me to use the same practice exercise with all…

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Born Bad | teachingbattleground

The dominant model of student behaviour used by educational progressives (and therefore by the education system in England which still takes its assumptions from educational progressivism) is therapeutic. If a child is badly behaved, then this is a symptom of some other problem. The correct response is to diagnose the problem and resolve it. The problems tend to be:
the teacher;

This has led to a denial of two key factors in behaviour:
Social influences. The peer group and the culture of a school are absolutely key to a child’s decision to misbehave. Put the same child in…

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Why does it matter what teenagers choose to read? | Greg Ashman

Researchers are expressing concerns about the quality of material teenagers choose to read. Many young people would sooner pick-up a quintessential inanity by David Walliams than a book that is complex, challenging and educative. Are you shocked? Are you stunned? Are you gathering your bottom jaw off the floor as your brain struggles to compute […]

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