Area of a triangle | mhorley

I made these questions to hopefully reinforce the idea of area as the space inside a shape, rather than just the answer you get when you multiply numbers together.  Also I want them to see why the area of the triangle is half the area of the rectangle which it is enclosed within.  I made them using this Geogebra file but then pasted a few to make this worksheet, some with grids then some with just lengths.

A colleague of mine @DrPMaths made this impressive collection of triangles with 3 integer side lengths and an integer height.  Again, they are a great way to check that students are…

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Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson: What does this look like in the classroom? | MrBarton

On this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, I spoke to Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson.

Robin is a history teacher and currently an Assistant Rector at Dollar Academy in Scotland. Carl is an English teacher completing PhD at King’s College in English education, and is also head of Learning and Research at Wellington College. They have both worked on the Telegraph Festival of Education, and speak regularly at education conferences like researchED.

Now, the reason I wanted to get both Carl and Robin on the show is that firstly we have an inclusive policy here on the Mr Barton Maths…

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10th December 2017 | Adam Creen

In an time of creeping secularisation, we mustn’t forget the traditions of yesteryear. For example, I am shocked that Marks & Spencers no longer call these “Christmas Whips”. Who can forget in the 1970s our parents hiding Christmas Whips all round the garden on the Second Sunday in Advent and then we had to go and hunt for them in the snow?

No, of course not, just a bit of nonsense! Seeing this little fella on our shopping trip yesterday was a bit more nostalgic…

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Are you a British teacher who would like to work in Australia? | Greg Ashman

Australia is great. The main thing that hit me when I moved here was the sense of space. I live in Ballarat in country Victoria where mountains and forests and the beach are all a short drive away. Often, the roads are dead straight so that you can literally see for miles ahead and miles … Continue reading Are you a British teacher who would like to work in Australia?

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Weekly Quizzes: Substitution | admin

In my last blog post I discussed how curriculum sequencing underpins successful teaching of concepts. For examples, ensuring that pupils are able to add, subtract, multiply, divide directed numbers as well as raise a directed number to a power allows successful teaching of how to substitute directed numbers into expressions.

The second aspect of good teaching is ensuring pupils are regularly given low-stake quizzes which test whether a pupil has retained the small body of knowledge that has been taught explicitly over a short period of time. This is possible through weekly quizzes. I learnt…

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Don’t let phonics denialists move the goal posts after PIRLS 2016 | teachingbattleground

A big difference between scepticism and denialism is that sceptics can identify what evidence would persuade them and then change their position when they have it. Denialists will move the goalposts, acting as if the evidence has no consequences for their arguments. When dealing with denialists you have to constantly remind them of their own arguments otherwise they will simply move on.

The recent PIRLS results, that assessed reading in “4th grade” in 61 countries, and allowed for comparisons between countries and with previous scores was a perfect example of this. This was the first PIRLS…

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